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Steps To Set Up Influencer Marketing Strategy

Updated: Aug 13, 2020


The popularity of influencer marketing increases proportionally to the profits it brings. Or does it? Yes, of course. Every brand on social media is fighting for users’ attention. It is difficult to say what the audience wants! Marketing on social media is now only about influence. Brand influencers have taken over social media. And influencer marketing is the need of the hour for brands.

Just coming up with a list of social media influencers is no longer enough. As social media influencer marketing is a process that contains several aspects. So,

Having an impactful influencer marketing strategy in place has become more important than ever.



While there is no right or wrong when it comes to creating influencer campaigns, still every brand needs to follow a process.

Ergo, in this blog, we are here to equip you with all the logistics you need, in order to create a successful influencer marketing strategy.

STEP 1- Decide ‘WHAT’ you want to promote

Brands need to focus more on the ‘WHAT’ than anything else. As hat shapes the way you design your content for the influencer marketing plan.
Your brand may have several products but you are supposed to be clear as to what you want to promote and target on, in this campaign. Then proceed with the next step.

STEP 2- Identify the PURPOSE of your marketing strategy

Every influencer strategy has a ‘PURPOSE’. No matter which product or service you are promoting there has to be a motive behind it. Influencer marketing is not an advertisement, it is not just for promoting a newly launched product or service.
The goals and objectives you set for your campaign will decide the metrics you check for your campaign. Metrics could be sales, awareness, engagement of your product.

STEP 3- Choose the SOCIAL MEDIA platforms for your campaign

Starting from your choice of audience to influencer selection, everything depends a lot on your choice of the correct social media platform that caters to all your influencer marketing needs. For instance, in terms of Instagram, we know it’s target audience is majorly the young audience or the Gen-Z. Then there is Facebook, which has a tilt towards the elder demographics. And LinkedIn, that caters a more intellectual crowd in general. So on and so forth.
Therefore, keeping all of these logistics in mind ,you've to be a little wiser in terms of picking up the right social media platform.


Make sure whether or not the platform you have chosen, is catering to the needs of your target audience. For instance, If most of your presence is present on Facebook then include Facebook in your platform list. And always create a persona of your customer, starting with the basics like rule out the age range, preferences, gender, location etc.
It is always better to analyse audiences on different platforms to know if there is or isn't a scope to reach out to a passive audience.

STEP 5- Find the SUITABLE INFLUENCERS for your Influencer marketing strategy

Selecting the most suitable fit for your campaign is the hardest yet one of the important steps of influencer marketing strategy.Because it dictates whether or not your campaign goals will be met successfully. It does half your work for you.The social media influencers you choose need to be in sync with your brand values and objectives.
And check if your influencer has a good social media presence or not along with their hold on niche.

STEP 6- Acknowledge your competitors

To come up with an impactful influencer marketing strategy, it is necessary to know the plan of action of your competitors. Analyse things like what social media handles are they active on, keep a track of their reach and what kind of content is working for them etc.
Learn from their mistakes, take cues from their failures and restrain from having them.

STEP 7- Decide the CONTENT STRATEGY for your Influencer marketing plan

The most essential step is to decide on what kind of strategy you want to run your influencer marketing campaign on. What is going to be your master card, your plan of action. Which is why the following are some of the different kinds of content strategies you can opt to meet your brand objectives:

  • Hosting giveaways

  • Giving discount codes

  • Online contests

  • Guest blogs

  • Curating video strategies

  • Creating content in collaboration with influencers

  • Brand account takeover by influencers

STEP 8- REVIEW the finalized content for your Influencer marketing strategy

Before you hit that upload button make sure you review your content one last time, thoroughly. Even minor things like spellings and punctuation can have an impact on the audience reaction.
So, look out for yourself and your campaign.

STEP 9- ANALYZE the performance of your campaigns

You should always judge and measure the degree of success and amendments needed of/in your influencer marketing campaign. To know if your influencer marketing strategy has fetched the desired results. In order to have a reality check, to have a clear picture of where your influencer marketing campaign stands and the things you need to work on and what all points are helping you gain profit etc.
Although, brand owners often consider only the number of likes, comments, and shares to track the success of their influencer campaigns but other than that there are still many other metrics to track the success.

STEP 10- See WHAT WENT WRONG in your Influencer marketing plan

Right from the duration of the campaign to the selection of the influencers, analyse the statistics and make a note of everything that went wrong. It is very likely that you might have loopholes in your strategy. So, adapt to changes, be welcoming to amendments.


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