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Popular Brands with their Influencer campaign

Updated: Jun 23, 2020


H&M is one of the most well-known fashion brands in the world. Its global reach explains its massive reach on social networks, with over 31 Million followers on Instagram. A quick look at the official @hm Instagram account will give you a very well put together idea about it.

Automatically, the brand is familiar with influencer marketing as its campaigns include the known and hyped models @laura_tobon, @sincerelyjules, and @elavelden

Thanks to them for showing how they incorporate H&M clothing in their wardrobes. With a ‘Shop this Look’ option conveniently tagged along. For an easy buy.

Smart move!


INFLUENCERS: Refinery29 @refinery29 & WhoWhatWear @whowhatwear

GAP's successful campaign featured a number of influential social media personalities from blogging giants like Refinery29 and WhoWhatWhere. Showing how they embody GAP collection to their personal wardrobe. Nudging their viewers to buy the clothing with their ‘Shop this Look’ tagalong.

Well we can say, these biggies know how to sell conveniently!

BECCA Cosmetics

INFLUENCER: Chrissy Teigen @chrissyteigen

Chrissy Teigen, a professional model & popular social media personality who has cultivated a huge social following. Also, married to one of the multiple grammy award winning singers, John Legend, who’s also known for showing off her irreverent personality on Instagram and Twitter. @chrissyteigen

BECCA Cosmetics collaborated with the social media star to create a brand new makeup palette, which Teigen announced in an Instagram video that gained over 5 million views.

See, usually the thing is when you ask an influencer to create something new, already being a member of your target audience themselves — they feel more invested in a product they helped create.

Voila, lucky you, half your work is done!

Taco Bell

INFLUENCER: Tanmay Bhat @thetanmay

Taco Bell launched #MakePotatoGreatAgain @tacobellindia with the top notch Indian YouTuber and stand-up comedian,Tanmay Bhat to introduce Crispy Potaco – a combination of Potato and Taco.

Sambit Dash, Head of Marketing for Taco Bell, Yum! Brands stated that Taco Bell only has 17 stores in urban areas and the audience for Taco Bell has been defined as millennials, so it's high time.

Tanmay Bhat posted his snippets with his seasoning of humour. The hashtag stirred a buzz around potatoes, attracting influencers such as Karan Tacker and Lady Gabbar. #MakePotatoGreat received 24,522,245 impressions on Twitter.

Potato- Patato!


INFLUENCERS: Milind Usha Soman @milindrunning & Abish Mathew @abishmathew

Duroflex rolled out the #7HourMarathon campaign to express the importance of at a stretch sleep for a healthy body with the use of influencers.The campaign started out with Milind Soman tweeting how he plans to do a 7-hour marathon every day.

The brand then released their second video, where Soman, featuring Abish Mathew clarified the confusion on the #7HourMarathon and discussed the importance of good sleeping habits. In no time, the video received 5.1K likes on the brand’s Facebook page with 1,456 shares. The #7HourMarathon had 4.9M impressions, followed by online influencers promoting the #7HourMarathon message.


INFLUENCERS: Kritika Khurana @thatbohogirl & Debasree Banerjee @debasreee

Craftsvilla @craftsvilla_dotcom teamed up with some of India’s leading fashion & lifestyle social media influencers such as Kritika Khurana & Debasree Banerjee for its #LatestSeLatest campaign to spread the word about Craftsvilla’s latest collections.

Debasree Banerjee alongwith Kritika Khurana posted on their socials and got great response. Kritika Khurana’s Craftsvilla post on her Instagram account thatbohogirl , alone got almost 12000 likes. As she sported a chunky, just like her, handmade neck piece that was too adorable and lovely. Her blog post was about the various Anarkali suits and how to style them for different occasions.

Very Chique Very Boho!

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