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Influencer Marketing

As the social media exploded in last decades bring more than 2.5 billion people online, this marketing vertical have evolved and became a mainstream medium. Unlike celebrities, social media influencers are credible figures possessing genuine audience and collaborate at the fraction of the cost. 

In case you don't know...



in·​flu·​enc·​er | \ ˈin-ˌflü-ən(t)-sər

Definition of influencer

: one who exerts influence : a person who inspires or guides the actions of others

The old theme of laziness and mellowness runs counter to today's influencers, who are businesspeople and upscale inspirational promoters of a go-getter way of life.— John C. Dvorakoften,

: a person who is able to generate interest in something (such as a consumer product) by posting about it on social media

While Linh and other elite influencers are usually personally invited by hotel brands, an onslaught of lesser-known wannabes has left hotels scrambling to deal with a deluge of requests for all-expense-paid vacations in exchange for some social media posts.— Taylor Lorenz

Image by Ben Kolde


With demand for attention on the rise and overwhelming product options in the market, consumers are starting to lose sight of who to choose and whom they can trust. To filter that noise, they’re turning to ad blockers, cord-cutting, and even media fasting (yes, apparently that’s a thing). As consumers take such extreme steps to avoid advertising, it makes it hard for brands to keep up with the digital landscape. Now, where do you turn?
The smart move would be influencer marketing.

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